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The chapter helps you to determine your Brand Purpose of the reason your company exists and the difference it makes in the world.  It is what you will use as a leader to get everyone engaged.

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About the Author - Marc Koehler 
The value of bringing balance, purpose, and clarity into the workplace is something that Lead With Purpose founder and President Marc Koehler learned years ago in the US Nuclear Submarine Force.

As an officer, he had to go through rigorous training to become qualified to man every station in the event of an emergency aboard a 3 billion dollar submarine. His ability to do this required a deep understanding of how to run every operation aboard in order to secure the safety of not only his submarine, but also protect the lives of the crew.

Marc’s experience as an officer taught him the power of the team, continually learning new things, establishing habits and routines that set him and his team up for success, and how to be prepared for any situation or emergency that might come his way.

The Lead With Purpose Leadership Framework taps into the US Navy's habits and routines that were built over the past 225 years and which were ingrained in Marc as an Officer.  He teaches CEO’s how to use these to become true leaders that lead their teams to execute with discipline and achieve success.

Marc's current mission is to help business owners achieve harmony and balance in the professional and personal lives. By training the business owner how to create and execute an effective business plan, lead with passion, and empower people to be their best, Marc helps these businesses get alignment and improve productivity.  
"For years I read every book and attended every leadership seminar, but saw little progress in aligning my staff and strengthening my company. My team was able to develop a clear plan that they took ownership of and within 6 weeks, I saw real results. Most importantly, I now truly feel like a CEO."

Drew Louis
CEO, Owner
Del Toro Loan Servicing

"Leading With Purpose made it possible for the team to have a say in who we are, what we believe in, and what needs to get done. This has bonded us in a new way and is helping us to build this dream of ours. After 8 years in business, I finally have everyone on the same page rowing in the same direction."

Ron Cottrell
Active Mobility

Leading With Purpose helps our team focus on the most important elements of planning and sharing not only the vision, but also the specifics of the plan with all of our employees. We continue to benefit in year three of using the tools and approach.

Stew Edinger
Senior Vice President
Federal Heath

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